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 Barcelona i påsken som oppkjøring til Sesongpremieren...?

XIX Petanque and Bowls Open Santa Susanna Cup (Barcelona)
From 17th to 21st April 2014
We are accepting entries for the Petanque and Bowls Open Santa Susanna Cup’14,  to be held from 17th to 21st April .
We already have 75 teams registered in the two tournaments, bowls and petanque, together.
“Categories”  Doubles.
“Prizes” 1st CLASSIFIED OF THE GENERAL 600 guaranteed Euros and 2 free places for the next edition of 2015.
“Trophies” Every team gets a trophy and every player.
“Accommodation” We offer full board in 3-4star hotels.
“Prices”  from €245 per player (4 nights).
Boulefreunde Fehmarn
Freitag, den 01

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. August 2014
ab 12:00 Uhr - Aufbau, freies Spiel und Training
ab 16:00 Uhr - Schießwettbewerb, spontane, Super-Mêlée und Fun Turniere
Die Veranstaltung wird begleitet von einem Rahmenprogramm, Bühne, Livemusik, Verkaufs- und Cateringständen.
Spezielles Anmeldekontingent für internationale Teilnehmer!


London i august

3 days of big events in London. 
Saturday 23rd of August (Atlantic cup)
Sunday 24th of August (London Doubles -
Monday 25th of August (Meadow Doubles in Kent)
All events limited to 64 teams - big cash prizes.


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